We are so glad you have become a NodeHost user. With the help of this document you will learn how to use NodeHost services and our panel. Don't worry about adding credit or dealing with billing, all accounts get some starting credit to begin.

How to navigate the panel

When you first login or click on the logo on the panel it will always take you to the welcome screen. This screen will present you with information about your account and services and changes based on what services you use.

Changing email preferences

By default after you setup your account we will NOT email you again unless you give us permission. You can change your preferences by visiting this page.

Making your first website

This is an important step, and it really depends on if you want to use the website builder or you want to upload your own site or use a CMS like Wordpress. If you want to upload your own site you want to click on the containers menu option. If you want to use our website builder then you want to click on the websites menu option.
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