It's really simple to use the website builder to host a blog, first step is to just visit the website area, or click the handy link on the main page of the panel.

Make the site

Give your site a name, this is for you to find it and what we use to make a starting domain. You might want to change the theme first to one with a menu, a good starting theme is Stellar for this. You will need to upgrade your site to a plan that supports the blog but this is simple, the bottom of the sidebar you will find a Upgrade website link that lets you change the size.

Now just open the editor from the sidebar or the big link on the info page.

Make the post

As you see we have a few options, so lets make a blog post, click Blog Posts to open the blog posts list and you can make a new one. Now just click edit and you can then add a title block and add content. This is the easy part, and once you are done click publish on the top of the post and it will be live.

Make blog post page

But as you might see we don't have a list of posts on your site, to do this go back and make a new page for listing your posts. We gave ours the name blog so that it has the url /blog.

Now we add the blog block to the content area to list our posts. Now we check out the page and our first post is now showing up. We can add more posts and they will be added automatically to this list so you don't need to edit this page again.

Add blog to menu

If you want to add the link to the menu go to the global blocks area and if the theme supports it you will find a Navigation section that allows you to make a link, we will add our blog link here. And just like that the blog is now added to the menu on the template.

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