This is all extremely new to us, we started NodeHost to provide a great service and the one note we get all the time is looking for reseller features. So as a result we are building them as part of the API with a spacial panel that can be used by resellers for there customers to manage sites without needing to know anything about us.


October 17th, 2020: We are still working on it, we ran into a lot of work to maintain our services and now we are fairly caught up and should be almost ready to progress again, we have logged the missing API calls on Containers API to keep track of changes as we work on it.

Concepts & Plans So Far

The new panel
The new panel will be embedded by using a simple and clean embed like <script src=''></script>. The ID is a one time use ID. You would get it by requesting an editor session via the API and you will get back an ID tag (will expire if not used in 10 minutes). This ID tag is stored just like how we store transfer requests for containers in the system making them one time only. We will on editor load then save a new editing_IDCODE in the backend on our side so that API requests from the editor will work and be translated into your API code in the backend far from the users view (Proxy requests, API call to will translate the code to the proper API key and make the requests back to

Github repo for the JS editor (everything that the JS loads, all we do with the key is use it to make future API requests to NH Backend)
Github repo for the PHP proxy server (again uses standard API calls to our backend so fully open source)
Set domain
View stats
View logs
View SFTP info

NodeHost billing
We plan on setting up automated billing based on usage or when your account balance drops below a set number. We are still working on this one and how it would work with our system as it was always designed as a Pre paid like service with reloading. So as a result pricing changes over time as containers scale and change. We plan on making accounts a lot more flexible when it comes to no credit accounts that are resellers as we don't want any service disruption for any of your users.

Plans resellers get access to
Plans on the reseller system are not limited by resources the same way as regular plans, all plans start at 5 databases, 25 mail accounts and go up from there. They also are only listed as cost per cent for storage. The cost is really down to 3 cents per GB of disk usage per day, the format follows reseller_normal_s1_v1 and reseller_normal_s1_v2 as such where the v1 and v2 in this example is the disk allotment in GB.

Plans reseller_normal_s1_v1 - reseller_normal_s1_v5
Disk: 1 GB - 5 GB
Bandwidth Max: 1 TB
Domain Aliases: 25
Databases: 5
Mail Accounts: 25
DNS Records: 500

Plans reseller_normal_s1_v6 - reseller_normal_s1_v15
Disk: 6 GB - 15 GB
Bandwidth Max: 1.5 TB
Domain Aliases: 50
Databases: 10
Mail Accounts: 50
DNS Records: 500

Plans reseller_normal_s1_v16 - reseller_normal_s1_v30
Disk: 16 GB - 30 GB
Bandwidth Max: 2 TB
Domain Aliases: 100
Databases: 15
Mail Accounts: 100
DNS Records: 500

All info on this page is subject to change as the system is developed.
The bandwidth is a MAX overflow limit, this is to keep the system from flagging a site for high usage if a spike happens once, we do ask that users keep bandwidth down if they are able to and we may enforce below this limit depending on how much impact it has. When providing usage to your users we ask you follow the same kinda guidelines we have, a small site should use up to 40GB on average, and a larger site should never hit 1TB.
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