Requested features (to-do)

We are working on a lot, this list may not be up to date at any given time but we will attempt to update it as we get feedback.

Cloud Panel

Teachers have access to basic IP filters to add and remove blocked IP's
Files access for each container via the panel
Referral message block for verified accounts that they can update

Service - Website Builder

Image browser via Giphy
Date block for blog pages
Rich text block type with editor
Ability to restore from backups just like containers with the same backup times
Bug when you enter text and select vertical sizing it will clear text
Empty spacing block that lets you set a height
Message when out of pages saying how to upgrade
Email support


Reference and job lookup by process ID


Process unique keys for each account charge so a charge must be unique and cant be created twice.

Service - Containers

Ability to raise the limits of memory and execution time for verified accounts. Will require a change of permissions and how limits are set from global to per container.
Node.js support on servers, using UNIX socket driven proxies.
One click dns setup for services like G-Apps, Zoho and more.
More Wordpress packages like Multi site Wordpress setups.
Burst resources for site setup giving more RAM, and a higher timeout for a temp amount of time.


Uptime tracking and dashboard

Service - Storage

Move files to diffrent folders.
Trash, deleted files stay for 48 hours before being removed and can be recovered until then.

Service - WebAV

Launch, 10k scans for free for all endpoints, each endpoint can only be for one domain and credits will cost X for each batch that a user can set to auto renew or not. Each month we will give each endpoint free credits so that the product can be used for free without limited functionality, just limited number of scans per month.
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