Release notes are a way for us to share improvements and major releases. We are still adding our backlog to this page so it may not be complete.

November 2020

November 4
Doubled the bandwidth for most plans, and increased the storage and bandwidth for teachers and students by more than double.
New locations N13 - London (England), N14 - Bangalore (India), N15 - Singapore (Singapore). This makes all 3 new locations for us in our list, and the return of the London location that we used to have on our legacy servers.

December 2018

December 29
We just added a page switch animation that is 150ms in and out, but it's not there just to look good but hide dirty work the panel does when generating content like in the new community area. You see when you load a page the system as it renders the page about 10ms after goes over the content looking for our JS id blocks that tell the rendering things to do like populate location boxes, generate the uploader, and more. By making this 150ms delay in page content it makes the pages feel faster because as the page is sliding into view the first 20MS or so are hidden and cant be seen as content generates. This is really helpful in the community areas that we are working on to hide a lot of the dirty work.

December 28
Have you ever clicked something to run an action and then switched pages only to be redirected back by a refresh command to the page you where trying to get away from? This is what this update is trying to resolve. If you run into any navigation errors or problems as the panel is complex and different actions redirect different, send us a message with as much info as you can.
We added a check for in progress page switching so that actions like background refresh will just not run if the page is switching. The only things that can interrupt a page switch is the refresh and redirect elements some pages return after doing actions like clicking enable LE for example. This update should also fix the loops that happen when loading fails making the background update keep going and going blocking up connections.

December 27
Node usage is now using true usage stats based on last used resources from each container and comparing to specs of the node, not just using a estimation based on number of containers. This means smaller containers that use less disk, bandwidth, and databases don't contribute to the usage as much as larger containers. We take into consideration disk, bandwidth, domains, aliases, dns records, and databases in use for our percentage. We also now use bandwidth stats based on the amount of days into the month the stats are calculated.

December 23
You can now see all containers on the list including ones you have link access to via the user switcher. Containers you can switch to from other users show the users icon and the username after the container nickname. This will roll over to more services soon.
In the user dropdown you can now see a fast switch back user button after you switch accounts making it easy to get back to your main account.
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