Release notes are a way for us to share improvements and major releases. Not all updates are included as we don't always keep track of changes.

January 2021

Tuesday - 12th

All new users get free services for one week, in the past they got $0.56 of starting credit so it was easy to use it all up while exploring the services. Referrals now also get 30 days of free services when starting out.
Added new website builder plans, increased the starting free size to include more pages and the blog functions (new set of themes and features are on the way).
Removed MakerLog integration on the panel and stoped sending API requests to MakerLog (they are amazing but integration was unused for some time).
Suspended containers and resources are NO longer automatically deleted, this is to give users more time due to backups not being retained once a resource us deleted.

November 2020

Wednesday - 4th

Doubled the bandwidth for most plans, and increased the storage and bandwidth for teachers and students by more than double.
New locations N13 - London (England), N14 - Bangalore (India), N15 - Singapore (Singapore). This makes all 3 new locations for us in our list, and the return of the London location that we used to have on our legacy servers.
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